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Auctioneer Bid Calling Championships Sponsored by “GoToAuction”

The Auctioneers Association of Maryland was host to the 2024 Mid Atlantic Bid Calling Championship and the Maryland Bid Calling Championships in January, 2024 and was sponsored by “GoToAuction”.  Taking top honors as the 2024 Mid Atlantic Bid Calling Champion was Spencer Karnes of Bedford, Pennsylvania.  Second Place was awarded to Ben Roes of Jarrettsville, MD, and taking third place was David Gossert of Chambersburg, PA.  In the Maryland Auctioneer Bid Calling Championship, taking top honors as the 2024 Maryland Bid Calling Champion was Ben Roes of Jarrettsville, MD; second was Brian Warfield and third place award to James Sexton.

Recent Awards and Recognition

Recent Awards and Recognition

Denny Stouffer was inducted into the Auctioneers Association of Maryland’s Hall of Fame during the 2022 Winter Conference.

Ira Drury was awarded Lifetime Membership into the Auctioneers Association of Maryland

Jason Farrell of Mechanicsville, Maryland won the 2022 Maryland Bid Calling Championship and was Reserve Champion Mid Atlantic Bid Calling Champion held in Ocean City in January, 2022.

Linford Berry of Dayton, Virginia, won the 2022 Mid Atlantic Bid Calling Championship held in Ocean City, Maryland in January, 2022.

Maryland Bid Calling and Mid Atlantic Calling Championship!

The Auctioneers Association of Maryland


Maryland Bid Calling and Mid Atlantic Calling Championship

Held during the Auctioneers Association of Maryland’s Winter Conference.
January 19-20, 2024
@ Marriot, Owings Mills, Maryland

Bid Calling Contests will be held on
Saturday, January 20, 2024

Jamie Cochran at for more information and registration information.
Mid Atlantic Bid Calling Contest
sponsored by “GoToAuction”
Champion receives $1,000
Prices also award for Reserve and 3 place winners.

AAM Auction

AAM auction to be held in conjunction with Roy Gregory’s Auction and Bid Calling Contest Saturday November 15th 9:00am. For consignments or donations info call Roy Gregory 410-591-8429 or Kevin Henley 410-984-7037. There will be a 20% commission Rate.This is to raise funds for the AAM 2015 winter conference.


We are accepting scholarship applications please mail in your application by November 15, 2014.

Scholarships will be given out at our meeting December 10th at 6:pm at the Cearsville Mansion in Cearsville, MD.

Kevin Henley – 2014 Maryland Bid Calling Champion

Kevin Henley is the 2014 Maryland State Bid Calling Champion and will be representing Maryland in the international contest this July in Louisville, KY. Kevin is a first generation auctioneer from Westminster, MD who has been intrigued by the auction industry since childhood. In 2010, he pursued this interest by attending the Mendenhall School of Auctioneering, and was calling bids at a local auction the very next week! He’s continued his bid calling career as a contract auctioneer, assisting with sales of all types in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. When he is not calling bids, Kevin enjoys spending time with his wife, Jen, and two children, Kolt and McKenna, and is also an outdoor enthusiast.

Lia Kvatum Named 2013 Maryland Bid Calling Champion

Lia Kvatum is an auctioneer who specializes in benefits and gala auctions, and is the 2013 Maryland State Bid Calling Champion. Ms. Kvatum began her career in non-profit fundraising, and that, combined with a background of improvisational theater, made galas a natural fit. She is licensed in Washington, DC and Maryland counties, and makes her home in the greater DC metro area.