Membership Requirements

  1. Membership is open to individuals only. It is not available to firms, corporations or other organizations or groups.
  2. The two categories of membership are: Member and Associate Member.

Membership Qualifications

  1. An individual who has passed his or her 18th birthday.
  2. Been recognized as an Auctioneer in his or her community for a period of one (1) year previous to his or her application for membership.
  3. Be sponsored for membership by a member of the Association or by the Secretary in his or her official capacity, by a two-third vote of the membership committee.
  4. Served as principal auctioneer in a minimum of twelve (12 ) public auction sales.
  5. If his or her community or county requires a license, he or she must be legally licensed therein.

Associate Membership Qualifications

  1. An individual may apply for Associate Membership if they have not yet the one (1) year auction experience and the minimum of serving as principal auctioneer at twelve (12) public auction sales, provided the applicant is employed in any capacity by or a member of, or an officer of any member’s firm, or a graduate of a recognized auction school.
  2. All other membership qualifications apply.
  3. Associate members may exercise all rights and privileges of membership, and have a full voice in all discussions but No Vote.

Application for Membership

  1. An applicant must use the approved application form (available by calling any of the Executive Committee, Executive Secretary or any of the Membership Committee), and furnish two references from those who are familiar with his qualifications, and furnish proof of auction experience (dated advertisements in twelve (12) public auction sales required for full membership).
  2. An initiation fee of $50.00 plus the first year membership dues shall be submitted with the application form (refundable if application is disapproved).
  3. The Membership Committee shall determine the applicant’s qualifications and eligibility for membership, and submit their report and recommendations with names of applicants and their sponsors by two readings prior to the date of the vote on their election to membership. Attendance at a minimum of one general membership meeting is required.
  4. Election to membership shall be by a two-thirds vote of the Membership Committee and approved by a two-thirds vote of the membership at a meeting at which the vote is taken.
  5. Upon approval by the membership, and following payment of the annual membership dues of $100.00 – Full Membership or $80.00 – Associate Membership, the applicant is officially a member.